in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.

-Billy Joel

About us

Bringing Music & Products Closer Than Ever

We design music specifically tailored to television shows, film, commercials, and branded ad campaigns. Music plays a key role in shaping the identity of products and how consumers relate to them. Whether it’s through commercials, radio ads, a theme song on a television show or music playing in a store, one thing is for certain, people love music and they are connecting the way it makes them feel to their experience with your product. Our objective is to take a more targeted and design-thinking approach to the music production process. As you select music from a licensing library that partially fits your needs, Music Design Network creates original songs specifically designed for your product or film. We not only custom design songs but also analyze target demographics, assess emotional needs, connections and patterns that capture the consumer experiences. In addition, we turn interpreted insights into lyrics and melodies, create new marketing angles using lyrical content and more. Let MDN give you “designed” music and enhance the quality of your brand. Consider us a resource for film directors, producers, music supervisors, and advertising agencies.


Trevion “Tempo” Stokes has managed to work with some of the biggest superstars on the planet. In his early 20’s he met Hip Hop icon Master P and spent years working and learning the art of the music business. Soon after that, he wrote a song called "AKA" for Jennifer Lopez and T.I. which later ended up becoming the title of her album. Around 23 years old he met Legendary Television Music Composer Kurt Farquhar. Mr. Farquhar took him under his wing and Tempo was quickly singing theme songs for shows like The Real Husbands of Hollywood, performing at the Television Academy’s Wolf Theatre, and winning ASCAP awards. What no one knew was that in that same time frame he was creating a production company that currently has over 150 clients in over 135 cities worldwide. One thing for certain, he knows music and he’s experienced with a wide variety of businesses.


Kreska began her entertainment career at Winstar Home Video (formerly known as Fox Lorber and Wellspring Media) supporting the sales and syndications divisions. When Winstar was sold to IDT, she was hired as an AVP by Bank of the West, a BNP company with over $83 Billion in assets and offices in 70 countries. She was responsible for executive staffing within commercial banking divisions during the mergers of Sanwa Bank, United California Bank, UFJ, and BNP Paribas. This included entertainment banking. Kristine was tapped as VP to create the film sales division of the key art award-winning entertainment advertising agency, B.D. Fox and Friends, Inc. in 2004. Kreska contacted Tempo for an original song for a thriller in development needing a comedic end title sequence. Writing and producing music with Tempo sparked the idea of joining forces to build a specialized network of professionals to support the needs of music supervisors, movie producers, and commercial agencies.